Laser Hair Removal

C’estlavie spa makes use of the Harmony Lite, this laser machine allows a virtually pain-free hair removal process. With laser hair removal, you are required to shave the treatment clean the day before your laser appointment.

At your first appointment your Therapist will consult with you regarding your skin type and determine the density of the hair, we will then determine correct setting for you.

The laser will start off feeling like an ice block, then gradually warm up. The more comfortable way to eliminate unwanted body hair. With the Harmony light we can work up to a Skin type 6 as well as fair hair with a slight pigment.

Is it IPL hair removal?

No, we use the Harmony lite by Alma lasers – this is a Diode Laser hair removal device

Will it be painful?

No this laser hair removal system is virtually pain free

Does the laser work on all skin types?

Yes the Harmony Lite works on skin types 1-6

How often do I need to come for a session?

Every 4 weeks for your first 4 sessions thereafter you can push your last few appointments to 6 week intervals

Will the laser work on all types of hair?

No, the laser will not work on grey or white hair, the hair does need some level of pigment

How soon will I see a result?

After your very first session you will notice the growth is slower and finer

Do I need to come to my appointment with the hair shaved?

Yes we recommend shaving the day of or the day before your appointment

Will the hair be gone forever?

When there are hormone changes this can encourage hair growth, you may require follow up sessions